A Little Bit About Me.

I’m going to fill this in very shortly! (2022/12/12) Stay tuned…

What Brings You To See Me?

I am looking forward to hearing what’s going on in your life. Here are some of the topics people come to talk to me about individually.

Is This a Concern for Both of You?

It would be my pleasure to support you and your loved one at the same time. Here are some of the concerns that couples come to talk to me about.

Where You Can Find Me

My licenses currently let me see clients when they are in the states of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. I have been seeing people over video since 2010, and I am happy to work with you at a distance.

My physical office is located in Newton Heights, Massachusetts. Meeting in person often makes the conversation richer, if we can do it in a healthy manner.

I'm looking forward to meeting you.